The Sun Isn't going away - What are you waiting for?

Predictable Power. Rising Energy prices and unpredictable events can leave you wondering what tomorrow holds. Partnering with Blue Moon Enterprises will allow you to not only harness the sun, but, harness your future energy costs by bringing them into a predictable form that you own and you control. Let's talk

Off Grid and Homesteading

We speak the language of the homesteader and anyone that wants to be Grid Independent. You produce it...You use it...You manage it...You Own It!

Battery Expertise

Lot's of Solar Installer's will say they can do batteries and then proceed to tell you why you shouldn't have them. Batteries are used all over the world and in many different ways. A well designed battery system can provide a lifetime of energy security.

Small to Large

Size doesn't us. Blue Moon Enterprises can help you with any solar project and design it from the ground up. Ground Array, Roof Array, Parking Canopy, etc.

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